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Who are we?

ZINNAE, Urban Cluster for the efficient use of water, is an Innovative Business Group (AEI) set up on April the 22nd, 2010. It emerged a year before, in 2009, driven by the Saragossa City Council and ECODES, the non-profit organisation, both seeking to call together the main economical agents that are linked with an efficient use of water in the city of Saragossa. Thus, companies of different nature (water saving technology, water measuring and meter reading technology, companies linked with the water supply, sanitation and treatment, water facilities, etc.), the main research and training centres in the city, as well as all the local public administrations, join together to work out the first Strategic plan of the AEI, ended in March, 2010.

In July, 2010 ZINNAE was incorporated to the special AEI Register of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

ZINNAE is the acronym for "Saragossa Innovates in Water and Energy", which is AEI’s vocation for the demonstration and the boost of R+D+i in the efficient use of water and the associated energy.

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