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ZINNAE, the aragonese Water cluster, was set up on 2010. It emerged with the aim of promoting collaboration between business, public authorities, technology centers and social organizations, to generate knowledge and promote innovation in water management and energy associated. The implementation of the cluster is supported by the international recognition of the city of Zaragoza in promoting the efficient use of water. Initiatives such as the "Zaragoza, Water Saving City" project and the celebration of the 2008 Zaragoza International Exhibition "Water and Sustainable Development" of the BIE speak for the experience of the city and its agents. 

This initiative that emerged from a urban area, needs to expand the scope beyond fundamental questions about water management in the twenty-first century, as energy efficiency and water management in productive sectors, i.e. industry and agriculture. Also, our partners are located throughout the regional area of ​​Aragon and our vocation is to work with all actors in the Ebro Basin.

Since July 2010 ZINNAE is part of the Special Register of Innovative Business Groups and Clusters (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

ZINNAE stands for "Innova Zaragoza on Water and Energy", which is the vocation of the AEI for the demonstration and promotion of R & D in the efficient use of water and energy associated.

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