These grants will be used by SMEs, companies and technology centers to carry out innovation projects.

ZINNAE has obtained 264,151€  on fundings for 5 innovative projects (AIPIA, SMART PUMPING, PIVER, OXI-TWIN, REURAL). These funds have been obtained through the programme Innovative Business Groups (AEIs) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

These projects group SMEs (ACAI DEPURACIÓN, CARPEMAR, COGNIT, GEEZAR, h2ï, IDEYA, INGEOBRAS and PIRINEOS METAL), companies (FACSA CONTROL 7) and technology centers (ITAINNOVA and University of Zaragoza). In this way, the collaboration between all these agents makes it possible to tackle the main water challenges for industry and for treatment plants.

AIPIA and SMART PUMPING will implement artificial intelligence to achieve efficient management of the water cycle and reduce pumping costs in industrial circuits. In addition, the PIVER project will combine cutting-edge technologies such as drone thermography and fluid simulations (CFD), which will provide the information necessary to minimize the impact of discharges on rivers. In this way, these three projects will reduce the environmental impact and increase industrial competitiveness.

Regarding the treatment plants, OXI-TWIN and REURAL will be in charge of digitizing the treatment processes. In the first case, a digital replica of the station (digital twin) will be combined with fluid simulations (CFD), which will fully optimize the debugging process. In the second, a new digital system will be installed together with nanofiltration technologies, whose low maintenance cost will allow it to be installed in rural areas.

All these developments seek to increase the efficient use of water and energy in Spain, promote the digitization and efficiency of processes and provide new purification systems for rural areas.