DIAMA environmental Consultancy Services is formed by an international team of experts specialized in environmental control, ecosystems protection and invader species eradication.
Since more than 10 years, DIAMA has been involved in projects from its experience, continuos training and innovation to provide best solutions for each scenario, protecting infraestructures, preventing expansion and if possible, working towards invader species eradication preventing damages to the environment.
DIAMA working lines are:
a) Detection. Analysis of invader species early detection.
b) Control. Species control and monitoring its expansion; grade of impacts.
c) Eradication. Invader species elimination.
e) Prevention. Preventing invader species from proliferation through non-toxic technics for environment
f) Water and biological indicators. Sampling.
g) Environmental audits. Efficient treatments for Dreissena polymorpha and other species; reducing environmental risk and labour risk.
h) Consultancy services. Environmental Imacts measurements; environmental quality, environmental legislation.
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DIAMA headquarters is in Aragon with projects and clients thgoughout Spain.

More information at www.diama-green.es