ZINNAE, the Aragonese Water Cluster, will gather for the first time in Zaragoza the largest regional forum inviting national experts in the management of the water cycle, together with some of the most important international stakeholders such as the European Bank of Investments, with the aim of finding solutions to the main challenge facing water management in our country: the conservation and renovation of basic infrastructure such as sewers, pipelines or purification systems.

The event, took place on November 23 at the ITAINNOVA headquarters in Zaragoza and has limited places, gathering together more than 80 experts.

On the table, the urgency to find innovative formulas that guarantee the correct maintenance of the infrastructures, on which water quality depends to a great extent; The need to raise public awareness of the sustainability and real costs of the water cycle – whose rates are among the lowest in the European Union. These include supply, sanitation and, of course, maintenance and renovation of facilities. The day will show the importance of giving greater transparency to the taxes and royalties levied on the supply of domestic, industrial and commercial water.