OXI-TWIN: Development of a digital twin and a 4.0 platform for the digitalization of a water treatment plant

Project Duration

September 2020 – March 2021



The project

Most water treatment technologies are based on biological processes (bacterial beds) which cannot be monitored. Besides, they have to be supplied with nutrients even if the industry is not generating waste. These facts lead to a great inefficiency.

The objective of OXI-TWIN is to promote the digital transformation in the water sector towards Industry 4.0. This will be possible through a combination between CFD fluid simulation with hybridization technologies from the physical and digital world. This will be possible through the development of a 4.0 digital sensor-based management platform. The combination of these technologies will led in the digital twin of the industrial water treatment plant.

Additionally, this project will replace bacterial beds by direct mineralization technologies (based on advanced oxidation). Therefore, the water treatment can be switched off like the rest of the equipment, savings a lot of money. In addition, this debugging method allows the incorporation of 4.0 platforms, making it possible to capture aperational data for optimization in real time and enabling the application of algorithms based on big data.

To achieve this, INGEOBRAS and PIRINEOS METAL will collaborate together to develop the direct mineralization technology and the digital twin (including monitoring and computational simulation of fluids) respectively. This synergy of technology and knowledge will lead to the improve of industrial competitiveness reducing their costs.

1280px-Logotipo_del_Ministerio_de_Industria_Comercio_y_Turismo.svg_-300x78 OXI-TWIN: Development of a digital twin and a 4.0 platform for the digitalization of a water treatment plantlogo-AEI-cluster OXI-TWIN: Development of a digital twin and a 4.0 platform for the digitalization of a water treatment plant

This project received funding support under the “Innovative Business Associations” framework (AEIs). This program supports to strenghten innovation clusters and is also alligned with the european strategy for competitiveness through innovation.

The groups that can benefit from this aid are those entities whose innovative potential and critical mass is enogh to get the recognition from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through their registration in the Register of Innovative Business Groups.

Project Objectives
  • Objective 1. Calculate and design a pilot for water treatment based on direct mineralization technology. This pilot will be adapted to the use of Internet of Things technologies.
  • Objective 2. Model with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation all the possible scenarios within the pilot reactor. Afterwards it will modify the main variables that can affect the process, determining the optimum point of flow homogenization.
  • Objective 3. Develop a 4.0 platform for data treatment, visualization and storage, both locally and in the cloud, being accessible and analyzable from any device with a web server.
  • Objective 4. Generate a digital twin that will integrate the CFD simulation and the digital-sensorial instrumentation data. All of them will be visualized through the 4.0 platform.
Work Packages
The project coordinated by ZINNAE with the technical support of INGEOBRAS and PIRINEOS METAL, includes the following 4 work packages:
PT1 – Project coordination and dissemination.
PT2 – Calculation and design of the pilot.
PT3 – Modeling by CFD.
PT4 – Development of the 4.0 platform.
More information and collaboration opportunities at:

  • ZINNAE, a través de info@zinnae.org
  • INGEOBRAS, a través de info@ingeobras.com
  • PIRINEOS METAL, a través de pirineos@pirineosmetal.com