Blue and Eco industries cluster exchange for induStrial modernisation – BLUES

Project Duration

February 2020 – February 2022


The project

Blue and Eco industries cluster exchange for induStrial modernisation (BLUES) aims to strengthen cluster excellence management between blue and eco-industries clusters (Water management, Ket, Plasma and ICT clusters) to promote their SMEs competitiveness and their international opportunities in the single market and beyond, by means of benchmarking, long-life learning, best practices transfer and exchanges.


BLUES is a cross-border and cross-regional partnership comprised of 5 mature clusters (BNTP-Germany, MCICT-Poland, Nanoprogress – Czech Republic, Aqua Valley-France, and ZINNAE-Spain ) that combine capacities, technologies and solutions to address blue and eco-industries challenges for industrial modernisation. BLUES partnership is committed with excellence (ESCA label bronze, silver and gold) that initiated its long-term cooperation in 2016 with the development of INNO-DROP project (COSME – Cluster Excellence 2016). With BLUES the consortium comes to a next stage through the implementation of the ClusterXchange pilot scheme that furthers in the implementation of a joint strategy by supporting 50 exchanges between cluster SME, scale-up organisations and clusters to foster the knowledge sharing that facilitate the acceleration, development and leadership of new water-efficient European industry, that will enable the transition towards a sustainable Europe by 2030.


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BLUES project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme, grant N°874426

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Project Objectives
  •  Objective 1. Provide needed knowledge and skills for improving the cluster managment, extending the offer of high value added services toward relevant stakeholders, implementing best practices into cluster daily businesses, creating smart and sustainable individual strategies, achieving the desired labels of excellence and create smart and sustainable strategy of the newly born ESCP-4x ecosystem.
  • Objective 2. Empower cross-regional cooperation, improve relationships between partnership clusters, foster open innovation cooperation to generate benefit and promote growth and specialization strategies.
  • Objective 3. To facilitate transnational, sectoral and cross-sectoral exchanges between Clusters and their members (SME, technology centres and other Scale up support organizations from COSME praticipant countries) within the blue and eco-industries domain, to facilitate learning, innovation -orientated activities, and the discovery of European markets and business partners in the Single market and beyond in order to increase their competitiveness and growth.
  • Objective 4. To build internal and external BLUES project communication, to disseminate good practices, to valorise and promote the BLUES project results, to engange clusters, SME and research centres in the ClusterXchange pilot and to enhance the members’ visibility.
  • Objective 5. To coordinate the BLUES project management, to efficiently handle and manage the Commitment to Quality (CtQ), to develop BLUESXchange contracts and financial agreements, to evaluate the BLUESXchange
Work Packages
The project is coordinated by BNTP and includes the folowing work packages:

  • WP 1 – Skills enhancement and strategy building for smart and sustainable ESCP-4x ecosystem and beyond
  • WP 2 – Organisation and implementation of joint activities
  • WP 3 – Implementation of “ClusterXchange” pilot scheme for blue and eco industries
  • WP 4 – Outreach and awareness-raising activities
  • WP 5 – Project Management