SENSODES: Critical Sensoring needs in water and wastewater treatment processes in the industry


Project Duration

September 2017 – March 2018

AEI_jpg-300x50 SENSODES: Critical Sensoring needs in water and wastewater treatment processes in the industry

The project

SENSODEs is an industrial research project leaded by INGEOBRAS, an aragonese SME specialized in water treatment technology. The project aims at add real time monitoring methods and devices in water treatment processes. More specifically, to measure and control two critical chemical and biological parameters: sulfates and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), that nowadays are analyzed in laboratory with a substancial lapse of time. The University of Zaragoza participates through GUIA (Research Group of Analytical Chemistry), that assess the consortium in terms of design and methodology.


  • ZINNAE (coordinator)
  • Universidad de Zaragoza – GUIA


Innovative Business Associations at MINECO

This project received funding support under the “Innovative Business Associations” framework (AEIs). This program supports to strenghten innovation clusters and is also alligned with the european strategy for competitiveness through innovation.

Only clusters from the National Registry of Clusters can benefit from this funding call. These are clusters with innovation potential and critical mass. ZINNAE is member of this Registry since 2010.


SENSODES proposes a series of studies and tests to allow a novel cyberphysical control of water chemical and biological parameters. The aim is to gain knowledge for sensor and application development to improve water treatment processes, thar respond better to the actual needs of industrial water management.

More specifically, SENDODES objectives are:

  1. Analyze the state of the art of the analytical methodologies and devices used to measure SENSODES critical parameters (sulfates and BOD).
  2. Design two proofs of concept, of novel monitoring methodologies of these two critical parameters
  3. Design and execute tests to validate the methodology defined
  4. Analyze the use case of the proposed methodologies and devices and further steps towards its exploitation
  5. Determine next steps to launch a pilot in real environment


Work Packages

The project is coordinated by ZINNAE with the technical coordination support of INGEOBRAS. The project includes five Work Packages:

  1. Project coordination and dissemination
  2. Critical parameters study
  3. Design and development of monitoring devices
  4. Design and development of pilot water treatment devices at lab scale
  5. Test and validation of data in the laboratory


More information and Contact

More information and opportunities for collaboration through cpresa(@)

INGEOBRAS, fnavio(@)

GEEZAR, aml(@)

GUIA (UNIZAR), fjsl(@)