Integrated System of Municipal Water management in Rural Areas


Year of implementation: 2015-2016

A big part of the national territory, like many European regions, is composed by small urban areas where the control and water management is performed with little financial, human and technical resources. For approaching this problem, the project had allowed to design a clever and integral management tool based on a modular solution. This solution allows to improve the efficiency and sustainability in the use of water in rural areas.



The project Sustainable Management of the Integral Water Cycle in No Modernized urban areas (AEI-010500-2014-78, financed by AEI Programme of Ministry of Industry of Spain) started in 2014 for conducting a study on the specific need and opportunities in efficient water management in small municipalities that suffer a the lack of financial, human and technical resources. It’s the first time such an analysis is conducted integrating the users’ point of view in the design phase.

For this purpose, about twenty interviews with the local governments from municipalities belonging to the Ebro river basin have been conducted. The municipality sizes range from more than 50 up to 2000 inhabitants. The purpose of the interviews was collecting the needs to be fulfilled by the tool. Many management scenarios have been found, ranging from the volunteer management led by the municipality inhabitants, municipal integrated management, and sporadic externalized management to fully externalized management. The ideal scenario for the platform implementation is an Association of Municipalities.

One of the main results of this Project was the definition of a common scenario and stakeholders within all types of municipal organization analysed that a software tool might solve:

sigma-01 SIGMA-R


SIGMA-R aims to improve water management in low-technified small municipalities through the development and demonstration of a software tool web-based that integrates the management of water supply and distribution, designed with a user perspective. The pilots were conducted in Comarca de la Hoya de Huesca (north of Spain).

A modular platform for water management in small municipalities has been developed. The following figure represents its main components and functionalities:

sigma-02 SIGMA-R


  • Smart technology implemented to deploy the management modules of the platform: water level sensors in water supply deposits, and smart water meters.
  • A web-based software tool tested in three municipalities of Comarca de la Hoya de Huesca: Argavieso, Biscarrues and Nueno (100, 200 and 500 inhabitants).
  • Water information gathered together in the water platform to support decisions for a efficient water management



Z Amaltea, COGNIT,  Grupo HOWLab, ZINNAE


Financial Backup:

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