SMAG: Analytical software for municipal water infraestructures

Project Duration

September 2017 – March 2018

AEI_jpg-300x50 SMAG: Analytical software for municipal water infraestructures

The project 

72% of spanish municipalities have less than 2000 inhabitants and its water infraestructures (water tanks, water networks, pumps, water meters) age reaches sometines more than 45 years. SMAG pretends to develop an analytical software tool that intends to re-think the traditional water audits, through a systematic water data gathering and analysis through water indexes to evaluate the municipal water performance and compare with municipalities of similar characteristics.

The project will allow two companies linked to the water sector to optimize their service and assessment towards small municipalities, through complementary skills and knowledge together with a TIC consultancy company.


  • ZINNAE (coordinator)
  • Compás Consultores
  • EFOR
Innovative Business Associations by MINECO

This project received funding support under the “Innovative Business Associations” framework (AEIs). This program supports to strenghten innovation clusters and is also alligned with the european strategy for competitiveness through innovation.

Only clusters from the National Registry of Clusters can benefit from this funding call. These are clusters with innovation potential and
critical mass. ZINNAE is member of this Registry since 2010.


SMAG is an innovation collaborative project that aims at design, develop and test a new tool for analysis and diagnosis of water management and water infraestructures at municipal level, through ICT to facilitate and optimize data gathering and evaluation of urban water companies.

The project specific objectives are:

  1. Optimize data gathering on water infraestructres performance
  2. Enhance information treatment in the benefit of all relevant stakeholders (water administration, users, regional government) through 4.0 tools
  3. Support legal compliance and information management in small municipalities
  4. Support the evaluation of water performance and prioritize action towards excellent water mangement
Work Packages

The project is coordinated by ZINNAE with the technical coordination support of Compás Consultores. The project plan identifies five ork

  1. WP1 – Coordination and dissemination
  2. WP2 – Water parameters definition
  3. WP3 – Audit design
  4. WP4 – Prototype of the software/tool
  5. WP5 – Validation in real environment


More information and contact

More information and opportunities for collaboration through, pgarcimartin(@), pgallardo(@), rtomas(@)