SMART PUMPING: Smart additive management system to improve pumping efficiency in closed circuits.

Project Duration

September 2020 – March 2021


The project

Many industries work at a different temperature from room temperature, this is possible through a fluid which transport heat. Pumping this fluid requires significant energy consumption, especially in systems where circulation is done continuously throughout the year (Agri-food industry). The economic cost associated with this energy is important for the Spanish industry due to the increase in the price of electricity.

SMART-PUMPING aims to lower these pumping costs by adding additives to the system which will reduce the viscosity of the fluid. In this way, the turbulence generated inside the pipes will be cushioned, reducing the pressure drop and therefore the energy required. The final result is a cost reduction and a competitiveness increase.

The optimal dosage of these additives is possible thanks to the integration of monitoring systems and 4.0 technologies. In addition,  maintenance task would be facilitated by providing more information to operators and optimizing the maintenance interval of pumping systems.

To carry out this project, CARPEMAR and ITAINNOVA will contribute with their knowledge and experience in complementary topics. CARPEMAR will select the additives and sensors and will find out the critical points for the proper operation of the system. As for ITAINNOVA, its main tasks will be the formulation of the decision-making algorithm, software development and the implementation of the monitoring system.

1280px-Logotipo_del_Ministerio_de_Industria_Comercio_y_Turismo.svg_-300x78 SMART PUMPING: Smart additive management system to improve pumping efficiency in closed circuits.logo-AEI-cluster SMART PUMPING: Smart additive management system to improve pumping efficiency in closed circuits.

This project received funding support under the “Innovative Business Associations” framework (AEIs). This program supports to strenghten innovation clusters and is also alligned with the european strategy for competitiveness through innovation.

The groups that can benefit from this aid are those entities whose innovative potential and critical mass is enogh to get the recognition from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through their registration in the Register of Innovative Business Groups.

Project Objectives
The main objective of the project is to achieve an optimization of energy consumption in industries that use heat transfer fluids, through the optimized dosage of chemical additives with 4.0 technologies.

  • Objective 1. Analysis of additives available on the market to reduce pressure drop, laboratory selection of the optimal additive and validation (prototype).
  • Objective 2. Design and validation of a test prototype fully representative of the real industrial environment.
  • Objective 3. Definition of input and output variables for the development of the system control algorithms.
  • Objective 4. Develop the intelligent control system based on the defined optimal operating ranges.
  • Objective 5. Development of an intelligent monitoring system for the pumping installation for the dynamic adaptation of predictive maintenance intervals.
Work Packages
The project coordinated by ZINNAE with the technical support of CARPEMAR and ITAINNOVA, includes the following 5 work packages:

  1. Project coordination and dissemination of results (Leader: ZINNAE)
  2. Formulation of additives (Leader: CARPEMAR)
  3. Design, construction and performance tests of the prototype (Leader: CARPEMAR)
  4. Development of the control algorithms (Leader: CARPEMAR – ITAINNOVA)
  5. Development of the intelligent control system (Leader: ITAINNOVA)

The project will be developed between the months of September 2020 and March 2021.

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