WE@EU: Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas

Project Duration: July 2013 – June 2016



WE@EU was conceived to coordinate European R&D and Innovation in the urban-applied water efficiency market of products and services through high-level trans-national cooperation. Five European regions strongly involved in and committed to water efficiency, met and discovered they face similar problems in their cities that affect water availability, particularly in a climate change context. The European Commission funded “Water efficiency in European Urban areas” with up to 2 million Euro, that was developed during three years with the involvement of Aragon (Spain); Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Francia), East of England (UK); Galilee (Israel) and Malta.


WE@EU main results 2013-2016 have been:

  1. META-Cluster: A long term collaboration, (cluster-based) platform and agreement that will support the identification of key actors at the regional level by boosting innovation in (urban) water efficiency and management
  2. A Joint Action Plan: A roadmap to support water management innovation through capacity building, internationalisation, R&D&I collaboration and financing which has been prepared and agreed by all members of the consortium.
  3. A toolbox (training materials) for cluster mentoring tested in Malta, as a mentoring region of the project
  4. International Cooperation Agreements. Two International Cooperation Agreements signed by the WE@EU consortium and key water stakeholders in North (WaterStart, formerly the Nevada Center of Excellence, USA) and South America (Centro de Competencias del Agua, Peru). These agreements will be used to promote collaboration and channel innovation from Europe into these markets in the long term
  5. Support in H2020 participation of cluster members: increase the understanding, identification and participation in H2020 calls in cluster members at regional level

During WE@EU lifetime, clusters have grown an average of 20%, have participated in more than 30 proposals of H2020 calls from which 13 were successfully funded including the participation of the clusters and its members in Horizon 2020, LIFE+, SME Instrument and COSME, supporting SMEs involvement (nowadays approximately 50% of the business members within WE@EU clusters are SME). Three out of five clusters are specifically mentioned in RIS3.


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WE@EU has received funds from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme

Imagen-10 WE@EU: Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas