Zero Park

Implementation year: 2011 – 2012, 2013, 2014

There is a wide efficiency improvement margin in the design and maintenance of the city’s green areas. In addition, it is a field of work offering numerous opportunities for innovation in products and services. Parque Zero is an initiative for the implementation of a green urban area as a platform to experiment with products and services that are efficient in the use of natural resources.

The city of Zaragoza has a green area surface of 8 million m2, which means a ratio of 11.5 m2/inhabitant, the average in Spain being 6.2 m2/inhabitant. This situation makes the efficiency of the water and energy resource essential, among others, in maintaining the green areas of the city.

In this context, in 2010 ZINNAE launched a strategic line of work “Waterlabs: fitting out environments for experimentation in the city”, especially in green areas. It is the cluster’s intention to transform the city of Zaragoza into a laboratory to experiment with new products and services for an efficient use of natural resources in green areas. From 2011 onwards, and in order to achieve this, Grupo Raga, founding partner of ZINNAE, leads the implementation of the Parque Zero initiative in the framework of “Waterlabs”. ZINNAE facilitates the design and implementation of this tool to achieve the involvement of institutional, business and academic agents.

The key elements of the Project are two

  • Preparing and applying efficiency criteria in the use of resources (water, energy, nutrients) in urban green areas
  • Gaining companies of the sector interested in testing or demonstrating their new products and services

Thus, Parque Zero looks forward to constituting itself as a collaborative platform for experimentation, open to the participation of the companies of the sector. But it is also an initiative that intends to reformulate the criteria in the design and maintenance of green spaces, where the most important consideration up to now has been aesthetics, towards efficiency and functionality of the space. Among other aspects, Parque Zero will tackle the efficient use of water and its recovery, the generation and consumption of clean management energies and the closure of the biogeochemical cycles of those contributions received by an ordinary park.

After its launch, Parque Zero/Zero Park has supported the test and validation of the following pilots:

TEST of irrigation technology with a focus on extreme weather and conditions, such as severe slope and low rain. Boosted by RAINBIRD and Grupo Raga.

TEST of xerogardening species adapted to extreme weather. Boosted by SOPESENS and Grupo Raga.

VALIDATION of irrigation filters to optimize irrigation Efficiency. Boosted by HUNTER and Grupo Raga.

VALIDATION of biological control of plagues with no affection to citizen in comercial districts. Boosted by HIDROBIOLOGY.


Financial back up (2011-2012)

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