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The Cluster

Zinnae, the Cluster for the efficient use of water, is a non-profit association that works to offer solutions to water security challenges in order to build a sustainable and resilient future, working under the principles of the circular economy and intelligent society.

Our strategy is based in the following axis:

Working in four priority areas: Innovation; Business development; Public policies; Branding and leadership.

Improving competitiveness of aragonese entities, being the engine of green job creation.

Providing ideas and launching innovative projects to improve water cycle infrastructure; digital technologies for water services management; and the improvement of water resources governance.

ZINNAE has 40 partners, 70% companies, mainly SMEs. It also has the participation of the Ebro river Basin Authority, the first basin organization created at the level of Spain and Europe.

The City Council of Zaragoza, responsible for the integral management of water at urban level. In addition, and the main R&D&I centers at the regional level are, as well, ZINNAE partners.

ZINNAE’s member companies have an aggregate turnover of 136 million Euros.

Strategic plan 2018 - 2021


ZINNAE Strategic Plan determines a four-year framework for the Cluster’s activities. ZINNAE Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 is based in the following elements:

  • ZINNAE’s Target groups: Business (Large, SME); RTD Centers; Public administrations; Consumers.
  • Topics: Resilient Water infraestructures; Digital technology; Adaptative management and governance. t
  • Scope: Urban areas, Industry, Rural environment and water ecosystems.


Organizational structure
Governing bodies of the Association are the General Assembly, that is made up of all the members,  and the Board of Directors, currently constituted by the following members:


Presidency:  CONTAZARA, and of behalf of I. Navarro (Director General of Contazara)

Vice-president: Zeta Amaltea, and on behalf of M. A. García Lapresta (General Director of Zeta Amaltea)

Treasury: AQUARA, and on behalf of, J.I. Heredero (Director AQUARA)

Member: Alfredo Sanjuán S.A., and on behalf of, A. Sanjuán (Director Alfredo Sanjuán S.A.)

Vocal: Ingeobras, and on behalf of, J. Murria (Director Ingeobras)

Vocal: City Council of Zaragoza, Department of Environment and Mobility, and on behalf of T.Artigas (Councilwoman Delegate for Environment and Mobility)

Vocal: City of Zaragoza, Council of Urbanism and Sustainability, and on behalf of P. Muñoz (Counselor for Urbanism and Sustainability)

Vocal: ECODES, and on behalf of V.Viñuales (Managing Director ECODES)

Vocal: University of Zaragoza, and on behalf of Francisco. Serón Arbeloa (Vice President for Foresight, Sustainability and Infrastructure Universidad de Zaragoza)

Secretary: Mª Luisa Fernández, Manager of ZINNAE

Law of Transparency

ZINNAE complies with the requirements established in Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance. In this sense, according to these requirements, the relevant information to be published is as follows.


1.- Functions to perform:

In our web (www.zinnae.org) you can consult any type of information regarding our activity, our mission, vision and values.

2.- Application regulations

ZINNAE is a non-profit association registered in the Register of Associations of the Government of Aragon with the number 01-Z-2976-2010. Our cluster and its statutes are governed by the provisions of Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22 regulating the right of Association.

3.- Grants, contracts and agreements with Public Administrations signed in 2016.

  1. A) Grant of Dirección General de Administración Electrónica y Sociedad de la Información of 4,300 Euros for the realization of the project “Ampliación de la red de información ZINNAE para la digitalización de la industria del agua”.
  2. B) EnW Project (COSME 689428)
  • Funded by COSME Program of the European Union, Call COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03
  • Budget: € 28,152 (grant of 75%) (1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017).
  1. C) INNO-DROP Project (COSME 731131)
  • Funded COSME Program of the European Union, Call COS-CLUSTER-2015-3-02
  • Budget: € 66,640 (grant of 75%)(1 November 2016 to 30 October 2018).

During 2016, the following contracts, agreements and grants with Public Administrations are maintained:

(D) WE @ EU Project (FP7 32007)

  • Funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union, Call for 2013 Regions of Knowledge.
  • Budget: € 79,978 (grant of 100%).

4.- Profit and loss account and balance sheet last financial year.