In a couple of weeks 05/02/2019 at SMAGUA, International Salon of Water and Irrigation, VIDA organizes a International Brokerage event from 09.30 – 13.30. During this session, that is included in the oficial programme of SMAGUA, VIDA team will present the funding calls targeted to innovative projects by European SMEs.

VIDA project is funded by H2020 and ZINNAE participates as one of the ten partner (mainly European Clusters). VIDA has been awarded by the EU Commission with 3.3. million Euros that should be invested in resource efficiency projects in the food value chain. VIDA awarded projects will fund (100%) SME innovative initiatives placed in VIDA Territory (Aragón, Lombardy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark).

Besides, the project will gather the main stakeholders of Aragon food and water value chain, concerned about resource efficiency (water and energy), and interested in boosting projects through innovative technologies and solutions.

More information about VIDA project and VIDA Brokerage event following this link.

Free registration here, until full capacity is reached

Downoad the the agenda in this link.