In February 1st VIDA Calls for SME innovation were launched. VIDA is a EU funded project of cascade funding, that will invest 3.3 million Euro directly to SME through VIDA voucher scheme, in order to support resource efficiency in food value chain through innovation.

SME that are Cluster members of ZINNAE and Aragon Food Cluster, and other aragonese SME of the water, food, energy and KET (among other eligible territories) can apply for a voucher of 5,000, 25,000 or 250,000 Euro depending on the number of benefitiaries and scope of the project.

The Innovation support vouchers (ISV – up to 5,000 Euro) and the validation vouchers (VV – up to 25,000 Euro) are regulated under an open call until January 2020 (until budget is exhausted).

Demonstration vouchers (DV – project of two or more SME with an overall budget between 20,000-250,000 Euro – each SME cannot apply for more than 60,000) are organized in two calls; first call will end at March 29th. Second call will be opened between August and October 2019.

All info and terms and conditions for the calls can be found at