porquéasociarte_tira Why join

Why join

You will be part of the reference cluster in the efficient use of water and energy associated with the main public and private stakeholders of the water sector in Aragon (Companies, R & D centers and public administrations linked to the water sector).

You will reach new possibilities of active collaboration with other stakeholders of the Ebro Basin who participate in the water value chain.

You will take advantage of the synergies between both sectors, the generation of knowledge and the development of joint projects.

You will access R + D + i specialized in the water sector and aim for business and development opportunities in the national and international level.

You will receive support and advice in accessing European programs, in the preparation of proposals and in the search for funding

You will take advantage of the spaces of interrelation and networking, the interlocution of the cluster with the public administrations

You will gain visibility and improve the position of your company in the new markets.

Balsariego2 Why join

Public and private entities, R&D and training Centres and social organizations having an interest on the development of the association’s targets and promoting the efficient and sustainable use of water and associated energy consumption in urban, rural, agricultural and industrial sectors can be associated with ZINNAE, always that it is based in Aragon. If you are interested in joining the Cluster for the efficient use of Water, contact us





We facilitate change of ideas to create opportunities for our members though:

  • Workshops and meetings
  • Facilitating relationship with public administrations
  • European contacts

R&D&I projects development

  • Boosting innovative ideas though developing collaborative R&D&I/pilot projects
  • Writing proposals and searching for public or private funding calls
  • Detecting Horizon 2020 opportunities

Collaborative business

We facilitate collaborative business adapted to clients and markets through different tools:

  • Cluster catalogue of products and services
  • Commercial actions
  • Public tenders
  • Public procurement of innovation
  • Design of New products and services for specific challenges of the urban water cycle in non-technical municipalities.



  • Our cluster is recognized by the Smart Specialization Strategy of Aragon region in Spain (RIS3), that works together with other research driven clusters hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza
  • ZINNAE is registered by the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness of Spain as an innovative association.
  • We have the European seal of excellence for clusters: bronze label
  • We disseminate our activities through social networks (linkedIn, Twitter)
  • We participate in the European Innovation Partnership on Water though two Action Groups.


Personalised services

We are offering our members specific services adapted to their own needs.

  • Writing proposals to funding calls
  • Commercial actions in water sector Fairs