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Activities and services

Objective: To be the driving force of innovation for companies in the water sector in Aragon.

  • Innovation Committee, an internal organism that channels opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders.
  • Monitoring of public funding calls for R&D&I aid.
  • Promotion and dynamisation of collaborative innovation at the regional and national levels, identifying project proposals.
  • Support to facilitate cooperation in the field of R&D&I at the European level.

Regional policy and development
Objective: To offer solutions to water management challenges at the regional level.

  • Participation in strategic forums linked to water and innovation (Strategy 2020 and Agenda 21 of Zaragoza; Cooperation Plan for Regional Clusters of Aragon; Smart Specialisation Strategy of Aragon, Digital innovation Hub Aragon).
  • Detection of niches for action in the public sphere to improve efficiency in managing water resources.
  • Promotion of integrated projects to provide solutions to social and environmental challenges in water management in our region.

Leadership and brand
Objective: To be a benchmark in Aragon in the field of knowledge and innovation in the water sector.

  • Communication office service for projects in the water sector.
  • Promotion of annual strategic immersion conferences.
  • Coordination of communication campaigns to highlight projects and activities in the sector.
  • Preparation of training packages for municipalities or organisations on integrated water resource management.

Sector development
Objective: To support and guide companies in the green economy and build bridges between partners and other economic sectors.

  • Facilitate joint internationalisation.
  • Promotion of an Internationalisation Commission coordinated by Aragon Exterior, to define priority actions and international missions.
  • Organisation of commercial presentations promoting collaboration between partners and with other companies.
  • Collaboration with other clusters in other sectors at regional, national and international level.


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The Cluster

Our scope of work

Digital technology

Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, real-time information, big data and decision-making support.

Resilient infrastructures

Energy efficiency, infrastructures, new pollutants, sludges, decentralised systems, alternative resources and invasive species.

Adaptative governance

Communication, smart investment, reutilisation, valorisation, pre-emption, contamination correction and adaptation.