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CCA (Peruvian Water Competence Center)


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The CCA is a multidisciplinary center that articulates the scientific, private and public sectors in order to conduct applied research, technological development, and innovation (R+D+i). It also fosters education and entrepreneurship in the field of integrated, efficient and sustainable water resource management.  The CCA comprises a consortium with the most prestigious research institutions in Peru, companies and business associations from different sectors with interest in water resources. Additionally, the CCA counts with the support of international research institutions from Germany, Australia, Chile, France, USA and Spain with renowned experience in R+D+i on water resources.

The CCA capabilities are focused on 4 areas of expertise: technological innovations for water and wastewater treatment; green technologies to ensure water quality; water resources and climate change; and water, the economy and society.

Since 2016, ZINNAE and CCA are collaborating through mutual support to the international exhibitions SMAGUA and Expo Agua Perú, coordinating international missions of business and institutions to both exhibitions.



Spanish Association for irrigation and drainage (AERYD) is a private non-for-profit association that works since 1985 to enhance the information and participation of spanish irrigation technicians in the International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage (ICID). Nowadays it boosts the following activities:
  • Analysis and development of technical aspects related with irrigation planning, economy and business development.
  • Irrigation civil works environmental analysis
  • Dissemination and networking between irrigation technicians in spain and beyond
  • Analysis of irrigation communities, irrigation legal aspects, conflicts resolutions.
  • Alalysis and dissemination of best available technologies for irrigation to improve water use and environmental protection
 ZINNAE and AERYD has an Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate since 2018 to boost joint activities; it is an essential support for ZINNAE and its work in the irrigation sector.

Energy in Water- Partenariado Estratégico de Clusters para internacionalización

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Energy in Water- European Strategic Cluster Partnership for internationalisation

(EnW ESCP-4i)

Energy in Water (EnW) is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership  – Going international (ESCP-4i) which aims to support and harness the growth and innovation potential of European SMEs operating across the water-energy ‘Nexus’. EnW will develop a common strategy to drive the international competitiveness of SMEs working across the partnership, developing solutions to global challenges and emerging market opportunities in a range of technology fields relevant to both energy and water, as well beyond these sectors. This project will enable the participating clusters and regions to bring together knowledge and innovation potential by collaborating across sectors and trans-nationally. Through EnW ESCP-4i ZINNAE earns critical mass to conduct internationalisation activities together with six clusters from five European Countries:

THE WATER CLUSTER (coordinador) UK
CD2E France
CLEAN Denmark
EA Ecoentreprises France


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The Association for the Strategic Development of Zaragoza and its Metropolitan Area, better known as EBROPOLIS, began in May 1994 with the purpose of elaborating and promoting the Strategic Plan of the capital and its Metropolitan Area. It has been declared of public utility.

EBROPOLIS is working to be a meeting point for all people and entities committed to the future of Zaragozans. And it is doing this guided by the basic principles which have characterized the actions of the Association from its beginnings: broad participation, consensus and public-private cooperation.

Ebrópolis is a collaborating entity of ZINNAE since 2015, the same as ZINNAE that is an associate member of Ebropolis, committed both for sustainable development in Zaragoza.

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TECNARA is the Cluster of ICT and electronic business entities, boosted by TECNARA association (Association of ICT companies in Aragon). It was created in 2011 due to the need of supporting competitiveness and internationalisation of ICT and electronics through innovation and collaboration amongst all stakeholders of IT value chain.

Collaboration between companies and entities of TECNARA and ZINNAE is well known. All services linked to water management in the urban, agriculture and industrial areas requires ICT and electronic tools. More recently the Industry 4.0 paradigm (cyber-physics systems; intelligent products; Internet of things, Big Data) is having a great influence in water sector, as this concept integrates a set of tools towards efficiency in water resources management.

Since 2016, TECNARA and ZINNAE signed a collaboration agreement in the following areas:

  1. a) Support, boost, participate in the Innovation/internationalisation activities linked to the common areas of interest of both parts, or companies of both clusters
  2. b) Support knowledge transfer in both specialities through working groups or joint projects
  3. c) Dissemination of activities boosted by both clusters, including events of the clusters themselves or their members


More information of TECNARA following the link: