Elliot Cloud


Description of the company

Elliot Cloud, technology applied to the management of infrastructures

Elliot Cloud is a low-code IoT software platform oriented to connect devices in different industries and developed under a platform-as-a-service model. The solution can cover the entire value chain of an IoT solution: collection, secure storage and visualisation of data; device management; business flow definition and the integration of existing ERP, CRM or production systems.

The solution started from a European initiative in 2018 to develop an open and transparent system for city management. At the end of 2019, it was realised that there was an opportunity to offer a robust, flexible and scalable solution that would enable the development of more automated and efficient management of infrastructures in line with the main challenges and realities of today’s society: based on the most disruptive technologies and with process efficiency as one of the main objectives.

The differential value of Elliot Cloud is that it is a unique solution that integrates different technologies, can talk to all types of devices and systems already existing in organisations and is very simple to deploy. Therefore, the implementation of Elliot Cloud does not require substantial changes to how customers work, nor does it replace the systems they already have in place in their companies.

Elliot Cloud has recently received the EmprendeXXI award from CaixaBank and ENISA, with which it has been recognised as one of the technological and innovative corporations of reference. The company’s goal is to grow the number of infrastructures in all the verticals it works: water, industry, energy and smart cities and, simultaneously, develop new solutions for other types of needs.

Elliot Cloud is part of the NWorld business group and works closely with Bosonit, a technology services consultancy.

ADDRESS: C/ Portales 71. 26001, Logroño. La Rioja
PHONE: (+34) 941 12 32 51
E-MAIL: hello@elliotcloud.com

  • Horizontal Data Platform (DP)
  • Consultancy and technological support (DP)

Elliot Cloud has been able to reach the market very quickly, and this has allowed it to continue investing in the verticalisation of the product and the development of modules or enablers, always based on the CORE tool and framed mainly in four sectors: energy, water, smart cities and industry, both in the private and public sectors.

Elliot Cloud is being used by infrastructures, not only regionally but globally. Currently, our systems monitor more than 1 billion daily data in the industrial world, manage Sao Paulo’s drinking water network for more than 25 million drinking water users, manage more than 30 million utility data that improve people’s quality of life and monitor and analyse more than 25 GWP of renewable energy generation, as well as 6 gigawatts of electricity consumption in a more sustainable way.