SARGA is a company founded by the Regional Government of Aragon; it is an instrumental tool of the Rural and Sustainability Department; it provides services and activies according to the department’s mandate and needs.
SARGA provides agricultural and environmental services. It supports the Regional Authority to comply with agricultural and environmental policicies; it is a fundamental tool to effective services for Aragonese rural and natural areas.
Its work is linked to agriculture, farming, water management, forestry and environment. Its activity depends on the public authorities’ needs and it is also an active agent for collaboration with other entities beyond Aragon through European projects.
Its main activities (linked to ZINNAE water cluster) are:
  •  Irrigation support office: an assessment service in water and energy matters for irrigation communities. Development of analysis and studies
  •  Economic and viability analisis of agroindustry services
  •  Manure management
  •  Supporting the design and development of water infraestructures; from irrigation networks to Wastewater and Sanitation Plan

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