Ehisa elecnor group


Company Description

EHISA is a company belonging to the Elecnor Group, one of the leading global corporations in infrastructure projects’ engineering, development and construction. The last two decades’ intense diversification has also led it to develop promotion and investment projects in renewable energies, energy transmission systems, environment or space. The combination of these capabilities forms a business model that looks towards international markets without losing its roots in Spain.

EHISA (ESpecialidades Hidroeléctricas S.A.) was founded in 1975. Since its foundation, it has had an upward trajectory to become a company specialising in engineering and assembly of all types of infrastructures in water and energy, with a strong focus on agriculture and supply.

The Elecnor Group is committed to the foreign market with a strong presence in Latin America, North America and Africa. Belonging to the group allows it to bring added value to constructing infrastructures linked to civil and hydraulic engineering.

EHISA has acquired this knowledge since its foundation through developing a wide range of hydraulic projects, including irrigation, water supply, pumping, water treatment plants and reservoirs, among others, having a highly qualified team for the development of tasks in the hydraulic field.

ADDRESS: Dr. Aznar Molina, 15-27
PHONE: (+34) 976204530