Company description

INGEOBRAS is a pioneering SME that develops strategic solutions in the areas of engineering and research. Much of its activity is focused on the water sector, which, combined with the company’s commitment to innovation, has led it to develop its technologies for water treatment for human consumption and urban and industrial wastewater. It can provide solutions to specific problems with tailor-made solutions developed in its own Research and Development centre with 360° projects.

ADDRESS: C. Madre Rafols, 2, 50004 Zaragoza
PHONE: 976 48 35 32


Company information

The company’s innovative activity has been supported by eight seals of excellence in R&D projects, a SMEInstrument-Phase2 project achieved in 2019, the “Innovative SME” seal and by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (Directorate General for International Trade and Investment), which, in March 2020, recognised the activity carried out by INGEOBRAS as an activity of general interest due to its socioeconomic impact and contribution to technological innovation. In addition, it has reached agreements with a large company to support them in their projects and technological developments.

Currently, INGEOBRAS has a broad portfolio of technologies in the commercial phase to eliminate different types of pollutants. It can create pilot plants to demonstrate in a practical and real way that the solutions work.

INGEOBRAS is a company specialising in the design of turnkey solutions adapted to each project’s requirements and reality, working from the initial phase of development and design of each solution until its execution.


Business lines

The company has three main branches of business:

  • Engineering: extensive experience in the approach and execution of solutions in the field of hydraulic engineering covering the entire water cycle and any infrastructure favouring sustainable resource use. Services of: Water Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering and construction of unique structures.
  • R & D
    • Proprietary technologies: pilot plants are carried out at different scales so that clients can verify that the technology works practically and in real ways.
    • Tailor-made solutions: INGEOBRAS can research to find the solution to specific problems of its customers. It provides solutions to unknown problems.
    • Updating or improvement of existing water treatment plants.
    • Innovation projects: INGEOBRAS business strategy bets on collaborative work with universities and research centres.
  • Containerized water treatment plants: INGEOBRAS can integrate any of its technologies offered in a container to create water treatments 100% customised to the needs of its customers. They are fully automated solutions, Plug & Play type, with which it is unnecessary to perform civil works. Something new is that after several years of perfecting the systems, INGEOBRAS can now offer containerised biological plants with automatic self-dosing systems.