Company description

Polytechnic University School of La Almunia de Doña Godina, teaching and research.

More than 15,000 students have passed through the classrooms of EUPLA both from Aragon and other parts of Spain and abroad, having trained 2/3 of the Aragonese engineering graduates.

ADDRESS: C/ Mayor, s/n – 50100 La Almunia – Zaragoza
PHONE: 976 600 813

The main research activity of the EUPLA R&D&I Public Research Organization is focused on the fields of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Electronic Instrumentation and the manufacture and characterisation of advanced materials. To this end, the centre offers three strategic lines of action:

  • The promotion of far-reaching research projects.
  • The design and implementation of innovative products in the sectors that constitute its lines of work.
  • We offer a specific technical service to Aragonese and national companies involved in strategic sectors to overcome the technological gap.

The EUPLA has the Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Group (GIHA). The GIHA counts on nine researchers of different profiles whose field of activity is related to research, training and transfer of results in water and environmental engineering. In addition, EUPLA teaches the postgraduate course “University Expert in Design and Management of Water Supply, Urban Drainage and Wastewater Treatment Systems”. The postgraduate course aims at university graduates in technical and scientific disciplines who want to specialise in the urban water cycle. At the end of the study, I will get the necessary knowledge to lead projects related to a strategic and highly topical issue for our society.