Company Description

SM GEODIM is a private Spanish R&D&I company (SME) specialising in developing operational applications based on remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The background and know-how of the company are given by the more than 35 years of experience of its founder and current CEO Salomón Montesinos (PhD), as well as by a highly specialised multidisciplinary technical team.

Throughout all these years, SM GEODIM has developed a large number of operational space remote sensing applications, among which the following stand out:

  • Quantification of irrigated areas
  • Detection of illegal irrigation
  • Cartography of flooded areas
  • Remote sensing as a means of evidence in courts of law
  • System of economic and environmental water accounts (SEEAW)
  • Monitoring of civil works
  • The development of a SMART methodology in Precision Farming

ADDRESS: Torre albarrana s/n. 50340 Maluenda (Zaragoza)