RIVI Technical Group


Company description

RIVI Technical Group is an Aragonese company with more than 30 years of international experience, dedicated to providing integral technological solutions in fluid circulation and industrial lubrication systems for heavy, medium and light industries.

Thanks to the know-how acquired and our robust engineering and production departments, we provide an essential service of development, design, manufacture and commercialisation of fluid circulation systems, especially industrial lubrication systems, water circulation systems for heavy industry (cooling, cleaning, filtration, etc.) and special equipment. Through these years, it has acquired an international technological reputation, being a leader in national and international markets.

ADDRESS: Polígono “El Plano”, calle C, nave 107. 50430 – María de Huerva, Zaragoza
PHONE: +34 976 126 585
E-MAIL: comercial@rivi.net



Water circulation systems for metal treatment: Wide experience in the realisation of projects from the initial phase of design, supply and commissioning of equipment and procedures for the treatment of steel and aluminium for the steel industry:

Dosing and product supply skids for the most demanding processes: Design, manufacture, and assemble all components (tanks, piping, control and regulation elements) for the supply of degreasing agents, chemical and water mixtures for cleaning and degreasing treatments of metals, parts and treated components.

Oil circulation systems: From tailor-made systems to API 614 systems, API 682 Rivi has a worldwide experience in the design and manufacturing of oil circulation systems:

Lubrication systems: Rivi designs and supplies centralised grease/oil and spray lubrication systems for all types of applications in the railway industry, renewable energies, paper mills, recycling plants, etc.-.



  • Engineering design of industrial water treatment solutions.
  • Engineering design of oil lubrication solutions.
  • Design engineering of industrial lubrication solutions, systems for railways, catenary, renewables and industry.
  • Manufacture and supply custom welded mechanical units for water treatment systems.
  • Manufacture and supply piping and piping systems.
  • Performance of quality controls:
  • Assistance and supply of instrumentation and automated control equipment for water and oil systems