University of Zaragoza


Company Description

The University of Zaragoza is a public university that combines a tradition of almost five centuries of history with the permanent updating of its teachings. Its main mission is to generate and transmit knowledge with the objective of the integral formation of people. It is a university of quality, solidarity and openness that wishes to be an instrument of social transformation for economic and cultural development.

From its different geographical locations, it develops an intense activity in teaching and research. It is one of the pioneering universities adapting to the European Higher Education Area. It is at the forefront of international mobility, offering degrees, masters and doctorates adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

ADDRESS: Pedro Cerbuna,12 50009 Zaragoza

In 2010 it was recognised as a campus of international excellence (CAMPUS IBERUS: Campus of International Excellence of the Ebro Valley), together with the Public Universities of Navarra, La Rioja and Lleida, overcoming the well-known fragmentation of higher education and territorial limitation, aggregating four universities and overcoming the geographical and administrative limits of four autonomous regions, with scientific challenges defined in sustainable energy, technology at the service of citizens’ health, food and nutrition, and conservation of cultural heritage.

The research it develops has experienced significant growth in recent years, placing it in prestigious national and international positions. It is the eighth Spanish university in scientific and academic production, according to the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities prepared by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The policies of collaboration with companies and organisations for the development of innovative projects are one of our main challenges, all to achieve labour integration of its students with lifelong learning. In short, a university with almost five centuries of history but which has not ceased to be committed to innovation and service to society. Our university is something more: it is culture, participation; in short, an interest in knowledge and learning, in training students and generating knowledge to achieve greater economic progress and social welfare.