Company Description

ARATECK is an electronic and computer engineering company dedicated to developing turnkey electronic control systems and equipment.

We are European leaders in GPRS/3G remote monitoring and control systems. In addition to developing our communication algorithms for SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, OMRON, etc., systems in ARATECK, we have integrated the most powerful database engines and programming for mobile devices and web environments.

ADDRESS: Calle Caravis N28 Oficina 8 Edificio UPSALA, 50197
PHONE: 876 269 329


Sectors in which Arateck has a presence

  • Agriculture. Nowadays, thanks to the connectivity (ADSL, GPRS, 3g and 4g), the positioners (GPS) and the wireless ethernet communications (wifi and WiMAX) allow us to know in real-time all the data and variables of a farm…
  • Environment. ARATECK is a company that, within its values, shows special care with the SUSTAINABILITY and the care of the ENVIRONMENT.
  • Consulting. A large multidisciplinary team of professionals ready to solve and implement all your ideas and development needs.


Areas of activity of Arateck

  • Software. ARATECK software developments allow you to customise the management program best suited to your needs. NET, Web, iOS, and Android developments. All market platforms are available in your company. ARATECK develops, from its beginnings, software tailored to the customer’s needs. These programs have evolved from simple Windows applications to the development of applications for mobile devices through server applications without forgetting management systems in the cloud iCloud…
  • ARATECK Industry standard bearer of the INDUSTRY 4.0 concept. Our processes are intelligent programs and applications interacting with machine intelligence units, automatically reporting data to the company’s centralised supervision systems. The objective of the INDUSTRY 4.0 concept is to have your company’s production and management data, accessible despite your location.
    Maintenance. A large team of professionals ready to not let your production plants, management offices or any other type of business cease its activity.
  • ARATECK takes care of your facilities in the best way… with prevention! When we talk about maintenance services, we are not only about repair operations or the resolution of punctual problems…