Descripción de la empresa

Aqualia responds to all the needs of private companies, public organisations, and individuals in each phase of the integral water cycle for all uses, whether for industrial or agricultural human consumption.

Aqualia is the parent company of FCC, one of the largest European groups of public services for water management. It offers the market all the solutions to the needs of public and private entities in all phases of the integral water cycle and for all uses: human, agricultural or industrial. Its main activity is the management of municipal water services.

The world’s third-largest water management company, it is present in more than 1,100 municipalities. It serves a population of more than 30,000,000 inhabitants in 17 countries, producing 643hm3 of drinking water per year.

ADDRESS: Polígono Tecnológico Pinseque, Calle Sur, 16, 50298 Pinseque-Zaragoza (España)
PHONE: +34 976 656635



Integral Management of Public Services:

  • Management of Public Water Services for municipalities, groups of municipalities and public companies.
  • Collection, potabilisation, sanitation and water treatment.
  • Development of Infrastructure Director Plans with financing, management and operation.
  • Other markets

Operation, maintenance and technical assistance:

  • Review and analysis of infrastructures
  • Control and management of infrastructures
  • Water Quality



Design, Construction and Financing of Hydraulic Infrastructures

  • Potabilization
  • Desalination
  • Water treatment
  • Reuse
  • Industry