Compas consultores


Company Description

Compás Consultores is a consulting company dedicated to developing projects, project management, technical assistance and integral management in hydraulic infrastructures, sanitation and supply, urban networks and environmental and energy studies. In all its areas of action, Compas Consultores is concerned with the sustainable management of natural resources, especially those related to water resources.

ADDRESS: Paseo de la Independencia 19, planta 4ª, oficina 4, 50.001 Zaragoza
PHONE: 976 01 86 86



  • Water treatment and mobilisation: water catchments and pumping stations, drinking water treatment stations, regulation tanks, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membranes with high resistance in the presence of organic contamination, etc.
  • Urban services: Designing supply, sanitation and irrigation networks within municipal services or under concession.
  • Studies and plans for the improvement of water use.
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies: Hydrological planning, evaluation and management of water resources, mathematical models of hydraulic simulation of watercourses, studies of demarcation and delimitation of the hydraulic and maritime-terrestrial public domain, calculation of floods, etc.
  • Environmental restoration projects of rivers and riverbanks, in which we seek to restore the river’s structure and to function as an ecosystem according to processes and dynamics equivalent to natural conditions, promoting the creation of a sustainable structure compatible with the uses of the territory.


Fields of action

  • Draft framework and/or master plans for water supply and sanitation infrastructures. In these plans, the structuring elements of the public network systems are defined in such a way that the development guidelines are established, the needs that will arise are foreseen, and a programming and economic evaluation of the cost of the actions to be carried out is based.
  • Design of water treatment systems adapted to the different needs: physical-chemical water treatment plants and microfiltration treatments, natural purification systems, industrial treatment, zero discharge, unique treatments, slurry purification, etc.
  • Design of hydraulic works: canals, dams, ponds, reservoirs, locks, aqueducts, siphons, tunnels, etc.
  • Irrigation systems, both for agricultural use and parks and gardens in urban environments, focused on using efficient irrigation systems and plant species with water needs by their environment.
  • Advise municipalities on water issues through drafting programmes, technical standards and municipal ordinances related to water use and treatment.