RIS iberia


Company description

RIS IBERIA, S.L. is a company manufacturer and importer of agricultural and gardening products related to irrigation systems. It is distributed in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal except for Ceuta and Melilla), being RIS its commercial brand.

With more than 20 years of experience and based in Zaragoza, it provides technical support and has as pillars the direct attention, exclusivity, guarantee and quality of the product.

RIS product lines are the following:

  1. Agricultural irrigation (drip, sprinkler and micro-sprinkler, valves and fertiliser and programmers).
  2. Garden irrigation (sprinklers, diffusers, programmers, and solenoid valves).
  3. Automatic filters, manual filters
  4. Hydraulic valves (plastic, metallic, manual)
  5. Fogging (high and low pressure)
  6. Artificial turf (decorative, sports, lawn accessories)

RIS has branches throughout the national territory:


ADDRESS: Polígono Centrovia C/Los Angeles, 9 naves 3-4, 50196 La Muela, Zaragoza
PHONE: 976 144 700
E-MAIL: risiberia@risiberia.es