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Company description

Zaragoza City Council is responsible for the city’s water potabilisation, distribution and treatment. The municipal competencies are developed in the entirety of the integral water cycle.

  • Raw water collection and treatment.
  • Management of drinking water distribution networks for domestic, service and industrial activities.
  • Management of the sewerage network, including storm tanks.
  • Control of industrial wastewater discharges into municipal sewers.
  • Treatment of all wastewater.

ADDRESS: Vía Hispanidad 20 50009 Zaragoza

Environment and Sustainability Agency of Zaragoza City Council. Within the regulatory framework and by the objectives of sustainability, the Zaragoza City Council seeks the rational use of water and its management with criteria of efficiency and savings, guaranteeing the supply to citizens in quantity and quality. Practically, commissions have been formed in all the Municipal Services related to water; plans have been drawn up, as well as participating in projects supporting different private initiatives whose main objectives have been the following:

  • Reduce losses in the distribution network.
  • To reduce water consumption in homes.
  • To train/inform citizens on efficient water use.

As a reflection of its regulatory capacity, the Zaragoza City Council has drawn up the Municipal Ordinance for Eco-efficiency and Quality in Integral Water Management, which reflects the principles that guide municipal action for the management of the integral water cycle, as well as the criteria in the direction of the networks, the powers and commitments acquired in control, and the rights and obligations of users.