Company description

SERVICIO DE AGUAS Y SANEAMIENTO DE TERUEL, S.A. (SASTESA) is a mixed company dedicated to integrated services in the Integral Water Cycle and formed by the Provincial Councils of Teruel (51%) and Aragonesa de Servicios Públicos (49%). Therefore, its commitment is to perform its work in all the critical phases of the Water Cycle, from collecting, transporting, purifying, and distributing drinking water to sewerage management, wastewater treatment, and returning to its natural environment, considering the least possible impact on the environment.

The company is in constant growth and development, recognised and accepted to intervene in a comprehensive typology of services related to the integral water cycle, including municipal supply and sanitation networks, drinking water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants, together with highly specialised services for the improvement of water quality, hydraulic and energy efficiency.

ADDRESS: Avda. de Zaragoza, 14 – 44001 Teruel.
PHONE: +34 978 617 977

To meet objectives and achieve new challenges, SASTESA is permanently informed about new technologies that allow the improvement of processes and promotes the active involvement of all the company’s staff for the development of innovative ideas and projects that result in the advancement of these.

In recent years, it has focused on the development of innovation policies aimed at improving the efficiency of the different services managed by the company, providing a better service to customers in a sustainable manner, prioritise efficiency in the use of resources and providing these services with remarkable success to several dozens of small and medium-sized municipalities, inside and outside the province of Teruel.