Adisa Proyectos


Company Description

Adisa-Proyectos was created to add value to the technological progress that is experienced in all aspects of our lives, but especially in the industrial world where automatic processes, communications, data capture and data analysis in real-time play a very relevant role in decision-making as well as in the identification and correction of problems for the improvement of production systems.

PHONE: 626 90 6009

Adisa-proyectos is a personal brand to face the future of industry 4.0 and bring about a real change in our society, offering a very personalised service, guiding, advising and working very closely with companies that either have surplus work or do not have a programming department in their organisation or even sometimes a technological department of R&D&i.

The cooperation with our clients has led us to carry out a wide range of projects; However, the focus of Adisa-projects is centred on environmentally sustainable projects in fields such as energy or the integral water cycle; we never discard the possibility of offering our knowledge in other sectors.

The main sectors where we work are:

  • Control systems for Agriculture 4.0, remote control systems and data management.
  • Software for water treatment – WWTP, DWTP and WWPP.
  • Controls for Water Management, such as gates for canals and reservoirs.
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Industrial machinery and production lines.
  • Electrical design of machinery for the process industry and its control.