Company description

FRENAT, an Aragonese company, bases its experience on water management, and we are considered specialists in the management of water supply installations.
We provide successful technical solutions in several Aragonese municipalities, more than 23 industrial estates and several public buildings.

Using autonomous devices, we digitalise and monitor to give instant information, 24 hours, 365 days a year, of those data that are important for our client (pressure and water control from the catchment to the distribution network itself, WWTP, DWTP, flow of tanks or water losses, PH measurement, chlorine, turbidity).

We collect all this information, translate it and offer it to you in an environment with a simple user interface; we can extrapolate this data, providing you with data on tank capacity, pressure in irrigation networks, supply, fire hydrant network, wastewater treatment and filtering systems, among others.

The equipment can be parameterised and monitored to remotely manage alarms, opening and closing of faucets, variators and control panels for supply, and perform the management and repair of the incident through our environment.

This whole process is carried out by creating an initial structure that can be equipped with modular devices according to the needs and layout of the customer.

Through digitalisation, we achieve transparency and traceability for our customers, allowing us to create more efficient and sustainable processes.

PHONE: +34 675 82 44 76

As for its products, OTTUS is a platform to help you with incident management. Control with a single tool from notifications to the assignment and tracking orders to your approved trades. Automating the flow of communications in a homeowner’s association will improve your efficiency and keep incident resolution under control:

Automation will speed up:

  1. Incident identification by the neighbour or community.
  2. Incident consultation by the administrator.
  3. Incident resolution by the guild.
  4. Incident history of a community immediately.