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Company Description

FACSA, founded in 1873, is the Spanish private company with the most experience in managing the integral water cycle. Its innovative and technological character has allowed it to experience continuous growth in line with its main objective, which is to improve the quality of life of the society in which it operates. FACSA operates in eleven autonomous communities and has a staff of more than 1,000 professionals who make it possible to supply drinking water to more than 1,000,000 people daily.

Since its inception, FACSA has placed R&D&I as the driving force for continuous improvement. A firm commitment to research and its developments has led the company to lead national and European research projects, such as LIFE STO3RE and REMEB H2020.

ADDRESS: C/ Francisco de Vitoria 16-18, 50008 Zaragoza
PHONE: 976459341
E-MAIL: info@facsa.com

The technological vanguard defines all FACSA’s areas of action transversally, combining the latest technical, computer and telecommunications advances. From its state-of-the-art Remote-Control Center, capable of controlling in real time more than 6,000 parameters that condition the optimum supply and quality of water, to its revolutionary educational and environmental awareness project aimed at children, “El Curso del Agua” (The Water Course).

Its environmental commitment is at the core of its activities, including various environmental awareness campaigns, the incorporation of “zero emissions” electric vehicles into its fleet and constant work to minimise the environmental impact of wastewater treatment processes, such as the certification of the carbon footprint of the Andorra WWTP.

It currently provides solutions for all areas related to the management of the integral water cycle, from the catchment, transport, potabilisation, distribution and quality control to collection, treatment (both urban and industrial wastewater), reuse and returns to the environment with the best guarantees of quality and sustainability.

FACSA is part of Grupo Gimeno, a diversified business group formed by a team of 4,000 people and 30 companies operating in the water, environment, laboratory, services, maritime logistics, construction and leisure tourism sectors.