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Company description

IDEYA is an environmental consulting and engineering company whose objective is to provide services focused on improving the sustainability of human activities. Our clients are both private and institutional.

ADDRESS: Avenida de la Autonomía, 7 (Edificio CIEM), 50003 Zaragoza
PHONE: (+34) 666 54 36 53
PHONE: (+34) 876 069 983 – ext. 812 y 813


Lines of activity

The company’s activity is focused on the following fields.

  • Environmental evaluation and improvement of processes, projects, plans and programmes.
  • Studies and applications improve the knowledge of the physical and natural environment.
  • Technical services with drones for the detection of environmental variables.
  • Energy efficiency in industry and building. Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.
  • Activities related to the water cycle

Water, as an essential resource for life and human development, is one of our main focuses of attention and, in this sense, the object of analysis in large part of the work carried out. This fact is evident when addressing the use of this resource in a particular activity, for example, when assessing the adequacy of a plan or project, reviewing the processes of industry, analysing the links between the water footprint and the carbon footprint of a product or determining the effects of a discharge.


Knowledge generation and technological resources

IDEYA’s technical knowledge results from its team’s extensive experience in the environmental consulting and engineering sector.

At IDEYA, we pay special attention to the search for a balance between the preservation of environmental values, social benefits and the economic viability of the proposed solutions, optimising the use and management of natural resources, especially water, biodiversity in each case, energy and raw materials. To this end, we promote holistic approaches that consider all connections between human activities and the natural environment.

Regarding technological capabilities, IDEYA has all the necessary resources, including geographic information systems, mathematical analysis models, graphic design applications, aerial image processing software, life cycle analysis software and energy analysis programmes.

In addition, it is involved in the development of the following technologies:

  • Applications for GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS; calculation, processing and representation of environmental variables.
  • Technical applications with DRONES oriented to detect natural environment variables and precision agriculture.
  • 3D energy modelling of buildings using aerial thermography.