Company description

BIOBOX Water S.L. is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and commissioning of prefabricated, fully automated compact plants for the treatment of drinking, waste, or reuse water. Thanks to its own innovative technology, BIOBOX provides advanced solutions specifically designed for small and medium flows.

The company’s philosophy is based on democratising advanced technology, making accessible technology that until now was exclusive to large plants and investments. Its compact plants are specially designed for the treatment of small and medium flows. These water treatment plants are typically distributed in a “Plug & Play” format in containers, although they can also be adapted to the customer’s facilities or carry out larger projects requiring civil works.

BIOBOX is committed to addressing specific problem cases, identifying the root cause, and providing competitive, customised, and fully automated solutions.

ADRESS: Development and Laboratory Centre, Calle María de Luna nº11 Nave 8, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain
PHONE: +34 976 483 532


Activity lines

  • BIOBOX is able to offer comprehensive coverage for each project. This involves addressing everything from the initial assessment, through the laboratory analysis of the water to be treated, the conception of the solution design, the complete manufacturing of the corresponding plant, the successful implementation on site and finally, the transfer of essential know-how to enable the client to independently operate the implemented solution. This is achieved through close cooperation with the customer and a tailor-made process.

    BIOBOX® plants focus on offering a solution to address specific problems. It is possible to combine different BIOBOX® technologies in a single container or in several containers operating in series. The BIOBOX® modular system adapts and grows according to the specific needs of each project.


Activity lines

  • The most outstanding products are:

    • BIOBOX Nitrates

    • BIOBOX Ammonium

    • BIOBOX Iron & Manganese

    • BIOBOX Organic Matter

    • BIOBOX Heavy Metals

    • BIOBOX Phosphorus

    • BIOBOX Turbidity

    • BIOBOX Reuse

    • BIOBOX Combined pollutants