Company description

Libelium designs and manufactures technology solutions to enable the Internet of Things. Libelium’s wireless sensor platform makes it possible to connect the physical and digital worlds.

The Plug&Sense! Smart Water is a range of products designed to detect the most relevant parameters related to water quality control, such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, conductivity and temperature.

ADDRESS: Avda. María Zambrano 31 Edificio WTCZ, Torre Este Planta 7 50018 Zaragoza
PHONE: +34 976 54 74 92

Benefits of IoT technology for water management:

  • Up to -10% reduction in per capita water consumption.
  • Leakage reduction: -20% of wastage
  • Cost reduction:
    • Maintenance costs
    • Emergency repairs
    • Energy costs
  • Revenue recovery
  • Coordination and synergies between the parties involved
  • Forecasting of possible breakdowns
  • Pressure and consumption management

Water management affects multiple sectors: agriculture, livestock, fish farms, industry, services, and cities… Monitoring drinking water, detecting chemical leaks in rivers, controlling leaks in the sea in real-time, following pressure variations along pipelines and checking water quality in facilities such as fish farms or swimming pools.

Some real projects where Libelium solutions have been installed:

  • In Hungary, it was installed in artificial water well to detect pH and nitrite-nitrate content in soil water used for irrigation. Read more.
  • More sustainable and efficient salmon farming at a remote offshore farm in Scotland. Read more.
  • Libelium’s solution helps activate and deactivate automatic irrigation actuators at an organic farming cooperative in Sicily.Read more.
  • • Reducing costs and eliminating human error in obtaining drinking water for Canada’s indigenous population. Read more.
  • Drones, sensors and Blockchain for water quality monitoring in the Volga River to promote reliable data and transparency Read more.
  • Early flood detection in La Emilia, a small town in Buenos Aires. Read more.