Acai depuración


Company Description

ACAI DEPURACION is a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and installing WWTP’S (Wastewater Treatment Plants) for over 20 years. We develop and manufacture our biodiscs, ECODISC. We were the first manufacturer of this wastewater treatment technology in Spain, having been awarded in 1997 with the IDEA EMPRESA CEEI-ARAGON prize, “The first to develop Compact Biodisc Purification Plants in Spain”.

ADDRESS: C/Valle de Plan Parc 21 (Pol. Ind Las Paules) – 22400 Monzón, Huesca (España)
PHONE: (+34) 974 416 137

We design, manufacture, and install water treatment plants for populations and communities between 5 and 5,000 inhabitants, with proven effectiveness in all types of environments, for example, in high altitudes such as ski resorts and environments with salinity such as coastal environments. We are specialists in small water treatment plants and respond to sectors requiring a simple, reliable, low-maintenance water treatment system with minimum energy consumption.

ACAI Depuración is immersed in expanding the offer towards advanced technologies, which includes a new offer of innovative technologies already present in the market and a short-medium term offer of novel technologies to be developed through R&D projects, as described in detail in the corresponding tab.