Company Description

CONTAZARA has been a digital industry since its origins back in 1984. CONTAZARA was the first organisation in the world to develop and put a digital water meter on the market, which is now called a smart water meter. It was a great innovation compared to the traditional mechanical water meters that only served to accumulate a volume index to be able to bill citizens for the water consumed.

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The fundamental pillars of the design of the digital water meter were already from the beginning:

  • Accuracy: Being a digital meter based on electronic and not mechanical principles, it avoided the friction and loss of energy and precision in the measurement of water of the mechanical ones, increasing, on the one hand, the accuracy at low flow rates as the durability of the life of the meters by not suffering wear due to ageing of its moving parts.
  • Intelligence: By incorporating a microprocessor and accumulating data derived from the measurement of volume by the sensor and time by the clock, they began to derive numerous information capabilities based on simple algorithms previously designed and subsequently improved and expanded with experience and validation to the present day. One of the most relevant has continuously been detecting water leaks and other types of anomalous consumption that have provided great value.
  • Communication: A communication protocol was designed for the electronic water meter, taking advantage of its digital capabilities so that all the meters in a building could initially be interconnected via telephone cable using a bus and a protocol for sending and receiving information frames. Such was the success that finally, in 2010, resulted in a national standard UNE 82326:2010 to standardise and open to the market the free capacity to develop smart water meters under the same protocol.

The priority and global digitisation project is IoT and advanced metering solutions. This is the great revolution in water management after the first revolution, which was the smart meter (precision, information and communication). There has been substantial innovation in accuracy and information. The course comes from the hand of one of the opportunities (enablers) of the digital world, the NB IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) technology. CONTAZARA has been the pioneer in researching, developing, piloting, validating and significantly bringing to market smart water meters with Narrow Band IoT communication technology. To this end, it has created an innovation ecosystem among the most relevant stakeholders worldwide to make this new technology a reality and a resounding success. All are aligned with the defined strategic objectives of developing advanced IoT-metering solutions and creating strategic alliances.