Energy in Water

Implementation period

2016 – 2018

Scope of work

Resilient infrastructure


The water cluster – The water cluster (Anglia Ruskin University and Opportunity Peterborough)


CLEAN – Dinamarca


CD2E – Francia

Water Alliance – Países Bajos

Water Campus Leeuwarden – Países bajos

ZINNAE – España


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European strategic partnership of clusters, together with six other clusters from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Denmark, to promote lines of internationalisation of SMEs organised in clusters that drive efficiency in the water-energy nexus.


  • To foster high-level transnational cooperation and coordination between researchers and SME cluster members, as well as mutual learning between regional actors.
  • Identify common transnational thematic priorities in the water-energy nexus, developing an integrated vision and innovation centre at the European level.
  • Identify market trends;
  • Develop and implement a needs analysis of solutions and strategies at the European level to increase the visibility of SMEs in the international market and boost economic competitiveness;
  • Launch initiatives to support the creation of international networks to improve coordination and cooperation at the project level, identifying new opportunities for R&D&I projects and partnerships, as well as services that can support the realisation of these innovation initiatives;


  • Online database of SMEs in the Energy-Water nexus. More than 175 SMEs registered.
  • SWOT analysis – 1 inter-regional comparative analysis.
  • Market analysis – 4 Analysis Reports addressing different thematic priorities and geographies
  • International trade mission – 5 international trade missions: China, Colombia, Tunisia, Morocco and Peru.
  • International dialogue and networking meeting – 1 final project event with a dedicated business networking event.
  • International Cooperation Agreements – 2 International Cooperation Agreements signed.
  • Awarded in 2018 with the Eu Cluster Partnership Award 2016.