Resource recovery and production by industry like nature biorefinery


Project Partners: Finnoflag Oy; Suomen ekosovellus Oy

Country: Finland

Industrial ecosystem: Energy-intensive industries

Date of the award: 29/09/2023

Duration: 01/12/2023 – 30/11/2024


The BioResque project tests the patented circular economy concept for the forest industry and prepares its full industrial scale. The project partners are Finnoflag Oy and Suomen Ekosovellus Oy. The project uses water-smart Industry Like Nature® biorefining technology for resource recovery and production from side streams. The process utilizes the principles of nature’s material cycles by using microbes and their enzymes as biocatalysts.
In the project, laboratory tests are conducted with the Collaborator’s side streams of different sludges to optimize the biorefining process and products. Based on this, a semi-industrial pilot plant is designed and constructed at the Collaborator’s site. The pilot plant is being tested in cooperation with the consortium and various validators. Cooperation with collaborators and sub-contractors in Finland and Sweden gives a wide network of high-level experts to carry out this project.
Finnoflag Oy has implemented many biorefining pilot projects for various industrial sectors. The main products in the BioResque project are organic, microbiologically enriched soil amendments. These fight hunger and poverty in areas of high erosion. Biorefining can also produce valuable biochemicals from sludge, replacing fossil resources.

Pulp and paper industrial Collaborator covers a major part of the expenses, which gives added value to every euro invested by CircInWater in BioResque project.